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The Gallery

-An Artworks Community

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All Members , Moderated


R U L E S:
[Posts] Whether it be acrylics, digital artwork, or photos, this is the place for it.
[Lj-Cuts] The lj-cut feature is a good thing. Use these when posting any pictures that are larger than 200x200. If you post multiple pictures, please use the lj-cut. A lot of us don't have uber-fast internet speeds and don't enjoy waiting for your 1203612KB pictures to load.
[Respect] Respect others and they will respect you. Leave drama out of the community.
[No memes or quiz results] These blow. No one likes them, as they lack substance and are irritating to find on your friends list.
[Relevance] No one wants to hear about your emo tears and how your grandma passed away. Those posts are reserved for...the emo tears and "my grandma passed away" communities. If you haven't noticed, this is an artworks community. Unrelated posts will be deleted.

C O N T A C T__I N F O:
If you would need to contact me, my personal lj is cafeconleche. However, you also have the option of contacting me via the following information.
[AIM] boyunfettered
[E-mail] boyunfettered@gmail.com

Feel free to join and please, do spread this community. I would love to see it blossom. As always, remember to be kind and courteous to all members.

Have fun :D,